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In 1996, the Pokémon trading card game launched in Japan, just months after the release of the Pokémon Red and Green games for Nintendo's Game Boy. Now, 28 years and 52.9 billion cards later, the Pokémon trading card game continues to captivate players and collectors alike.

By Sascha Bos

People often have special house rules when deciding how to play UNO, but did you know the official game scores the remaining cards after a player goes out?

By Yara Simón

Think of those Pokémon cards like baseball cards. Most of them aren't worth more than a few dollars. But some of the rarest can be worth six figures if they're in mint condition.

By Meg Sparwath


The world of card games has its own distinct language. Some terms and games are commonly known while others are more obscure. Read this article to find out the definitions of many card game terms, so you'll feel like a pro at the card table.

By David Galt

The Cave of Magic is a classic card trick that demonstrates some principles of magic tricks in general. Like many others, this trick relies on the power of suggestion and the brain's tendency to ignore fine detail. Learn more about the Cave of Magic.

In almost every deck of cards are a pair of relatively useless but well-decorated cards -- the infamous jokers. Where did these cards come from and why do they continue to put jokers in a deck of cards?