Rummy Style Games

The Rummy Style Card Games are all about pairing and matching cards together. See how to play some of the most popular Rummy card games.


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How to Play Old Maid

Many of us think Old Maid requires a special pack of cards, but actually its ancestral form some 150 years ago likely used a regular pack minus one card. Learn to play.

How to Play Kaluki

Spell it Kalooki, Kaloochi, Kalougi, Caloochi, or Kalogghi -- this double-deck Rummy card game has been a longtime club favorite in America and Great Britain. Learn about the rules of Kaluki.

How to Play Rummy

Rummy is a popular card game that originated in the camps and saloons of the Old West. Learn how to play Rummy and such versions as Gin Rummy Knock Rummy and 500 Rum.

How to Play Canasta

Canasta, the Spanish word for "basket," is a card game that evolved in Uruguay and spread across Latin America in the 1940s. Learn how to master Canasta and three other variations of the game.

How to Play Cribbage

Cribbage is a card game that is thought to have been invented in the 17th century by Sir John Suckling. It was the favorite card game of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin. Learn how to play Cribbage.

How to Play Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular forms of Rummy and is generally played by two players, each receiving ten cards. Learn how to beat your opponent by melding your cards the fastest.

How to Play Italian Canasta

Italian Canasta is a variation of classic Canasta, but in this version each player receives 15 cards. Learn how to conquer your opponents by being the first team to earn 12,000 points.

How to Play 500 Rum

500 Rum, a popular version of Rummy, can be played by two to six players. Learn how to be the first player to score 500 points and win this card game.

How to Play Knock Rummy

Knock Rummy is a version of the ever popular Rummy card game. Learn how to be the first player to knock and stop play when your deadwood (unmatched cards) count is less than your opponents'.