TV Shows

From talk shows and game shows to reality TV and modern-day classics, explore interesting facts about TV shows.

Inside 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

The sci-fi phenomenon that began more than 30 years ago with a movie about a galaxy long ago and far, far away has expanded once again with "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," the story of the galactic civil war that takes place between Episodes II and III.

Inside 'Knight Rider'

When "Knight Rider" premiered 26 years ago, the idea of a talking car was preposterous, outrageous and completely cool. Now "Knight Rider" is back with a new star, a new car and a new set of stunts to blow you away.

Inside 'Deadliest Catch'

Don't think the cameramen who film "Deadliest Catch" aren't as gritty and daring as the show's subjects. When 800-pound crab pots are swinging onto a tilting and slippery deck, there's no time to baby-sit the Hollywood rookie.

Inside 'MythBusters'

Many people enjoy watching "MythBusters" find out whether cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust and other urban myths. But who are these cast members and have they ever been wrong?

Children's Television Pictures

Oscar the Grouch and Elmo are some of the popular children's television characters featured in this collection of images. See these and other popular characters.

How 'Fight Quest' Works

The first rule of Fight Quest is -- well there are no rules. Discovery puts two fighters to the test as they travel the world and learn some pretty brutal fighting techniques -- and try them out on each other.

How 'Planet Earth' Works

Planet Earth captures images of the Earth that no one has ever seen before, from a super slow-motion shot of a great white shark killing a seal, to footage of the deepest cave in the world. Go behind the cameras to find out how you make a show about the entire planet.

Television's 11 Longest-Running Game Shows

The allure of the television game show has reigned on the airwaves since the 1950s. Some of these games shows managed to find success and remained on the air for a decades and decades. See our list of television's 11 longest-running game shows.

17 Celebrities Who Started on Soap Operas

Daytime soaps have enthralled TV viewers for years. Some of the most famous celebrities got their start acting in these daytime dramas. You may be surprised to see who is on our list of celebrities who started on soap operas.

10 Longest-running TV Shows

Some TV shows are lucky to stick around for just one season, but these did that and then some. In fact, they’re the longest-running dramas and comedies in television history.