Inside The Amazing Race

Rob and Amber pause to read a route marker while making their way to Botswana.

Racing around the globe for a million-dollar-prize sounds like a great time, as long as you're not the one responsible for setting it all up. For the producers in charge of two-time-Emmy-winning reality series, The Amazing Race, it's a logistical nightmare of the highest order. Moving people and equipment around the world for a month requires precise planning and a small army of people to pull it off.

"We have over 2,000 pe­ople working on the show worldwide," says producer/creator Bertram van Munster, who starts planning out each Race edition three months ahead of time. "In order to lay out the Race and make it financially, creatively and logistically work, I go everywhere and lay it out, and hand all that knowledge over to the rest of my team," he says. "Then I travel with my team again around the world and plan exactly where the camera position is going to go, what we're going to do, and come up with all the challenges."