Other Baseball Figures

The Baseball Hall of Fame also has a collection of Other people that are largely responsible for starting the sport and helping to build it into America's pastime.

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Alexander Joy Cartwright

Alexander Joy Cartwright is the father of baseball as we know it. He drafted a set of 20 rules that were intended to set baseball apart from other bat-and-ball games. Learn how Alexander Joy Cartwright shaped baseball into the game we know and love.

Henry Chadwick

Teddy Roosevelt called Henry Chadwick the "Father of Baseball" because of his many early contributions to the game. He was the first to compile reference books on baseball and set up instructional guides explaining how to play the game. You can learn about him here.

Ban Johnson

Ban Johnson was enshrined in Cooperstown as the founder of the American League, but his high-handed leadership caused friction with many of the team owners. Find out more about this Hall of Famer and how the AL got its start.