Baseball League Officials

League Officials are also selected into the Hall of Fame because without these administrators, the league could simply not function.


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Happy Chandler

Happy Chandler's greatest contribution to the game of baseball was his work towards integrating the game. You can learn more about this Hall of Fame commissioner in this section.

Warren Giles

Warren Giles turned down the job of Commissioner to become League president and managed some impressive changes. Many new stadiums and new stars entered the National League during Giles's administration. Learn more about this Hall of Famer.

Morgan Bulkeley

For your baseball trivia fact collection, make note of Morgan Bulkeley, who served one year as the first president of the National League. See why he is without question the most obscure baseball personage in the Hall of Fame and also one of the most esteemed.

William Harridge

William Harridge as America League President worked mostly behind-the-scenes. Harridge worked quietly to promote league attendance and enforce the rules. Learn more about this under appreciated Hall of Famer.

Ford Frick

As president of the N. L., Ford Frick used the power of his office to guarantee that Jackie Robinson would be able to break the color line in 1947. Frick also furthered the idea behind the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

William Hulbert

Al Spalding called William Hulbert, the founder of the National League, "the man who saved baseball." Had it not been for this Chicago businessman, baseball might not have been worth a shrine and museum. Read about Hulbert's place in the Hall of Fame.