Baseball Umpires

Umpires in the Hall of Fame are truly in a league of their own and deserve a lot of praise. Umpires are perhaps more remembered from the constant jeering than anything else.


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Nestor Chylak

Badly shot up in WWII Battle of the Bulge, this Hall of Fame umpire spent many months in Veterans Hospital. Nestor Chylak worked three American League Championship Series and five World Series. Learn his 24-year career and "10 Cent Beer Night."

Al Barlick

Al Barlick shares the record for umping the most All-Star games. After he retired, Barlick worked for the National League as a consultant and a scout. Learn more about this flamboyant Hall of Fame umpire.

Jocko Conlan

Jocko Conlan is best known as the first umpire to be selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was known for his trademark polka-dot bow tie and was one of the most respected umpires of his time. Learn about the extraordinary career of umpire Jocko Conlan.

Billy Evans

Initially umpiring to supplement his income, Billy Evans eventually became the youngest full-time umpire in major-league history, and the third elected to Cooperstown. Learn about this Hall of Fame umpire.

Bill McGowan

Bill McGowan was regarded as the best and most colorful umpire of his day and earned the nickname "No. 1" for being honest, accurate and fair. He was tough enough to work every inning of 2,541 consecutive games. Learn about this Hall of Fame umpire.

Cal Hubbard

Ted Williams once said that umpire Bill Summers “was like Cal Hubbard. He took complete charge of a game.” Hubbard was perfectly capable of taking complete charge; at 265 pounds, the former football star backed down from no one.

Bill Klem

Bill Klem one of baseball's best-known (and most quotable) umpires retired in 1941. During his long career, he officiated in a record 18 World Series, the last of which was played in 1940. Find history and statistics for this Hall of Fame umpire.

Hall of Fame Umpires

The Baseball Hall of Fame also commemorates some of the best umpires that officiated professional baseball games. You can learn about some famous umpires found in the Baseball Hall of Fame in this section.