Baseball Players

Hall of Fame Players are truly heads and shoulders above the rest of the players in the league's history. See which players earned a bronze statue in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Topics to Explore:

Pitchers are usually the team captains because they are chiefly in control of the game. Learn how starting pitching and closing pitching can make a difference in the win column.

Catchers are often under-rated aspect of baseball teams. Learn who were some of the greatest Hall of Fame catchers in the history of the game.

First Base players need to be able to hit and field. Learn who were some of the great players at this position.

Second Base players need to be quick on their feet and great at the plate as well. See the Hall of Fame Second Basemen in this section.

Outfielders are generally the biggest bats on the team, and sometimes the biggest players too. Find out who made the Hall of Fame as an outfielder in this section.

Shortstop is perhaps the most important position in the infield because the position has to cover so much space. See who made the Hall of Fame as a shortstop.

Third Base players have to be great fielders since most hits are directed toward this position. See which magic gloves graced the third base position in the Hall of Fame.