September 10 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Virgos born on September 10 have great personal flair and showy talent, along with magnetism and charisma. They prize intangibles -- relationships, integrity, learning. Although they may have difficulty reconciling the disparate sides of their nature, they have a winning personality that makes them appealing.


Friends and Lovers

Regardless of how many friends September 10 natives have, they look to themselves for answers. Because of their somewhat competitive nature, they are emotionally combative lovers. It may take a long time to find the perfect mate, and they're likely to fall in love many times.

Children and Family

The people born on September 10 have a nurturing spirit and a belief in family traditions. As parents, they are forced to confront the unreality of their positive nature. Once they begin to feel at home with a more pragmatic view, they benefit from it.


These folks never do anything by half measures. If they are fitness-conscious, they're likely to go to extremes. If they're unconcerned about keeping fit, they may become indolent. The one thing that can prompt these people to take care of themselves is a brush with mortality.

Career and Finances

For September 10 natives, sales, advertising, and retail management are good careers. They are not particularly good at taking care of money, probably because it's impossible for them to separate emotional reactions from concerns of budgets and investments.


Dreams and Goals

People born on this day may not have clearly defined goals. The trip to finding success is likely to interest them more than the destination. Along the way, they become infatuated with many dreams but often discard them quickly. Once they find a goal that enthralls them, they give their all.

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