May 8 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Tauruses born on May 8 are practical and intelligent. They are rarely glamorous, yet they have the opportunity to make a name for themselves by the very nature of their capableness. They have a reputation for saying what they think, whether it's critical or complimentary.


Friends and Lovers

Even though May 8 individuals aren't demonstrative about their feelings, they let their friends know just how important a role they play. In love, they are romantic, with charming personalities that easily draw the interest of the opposite sex. They tend to marry in their later years and often to someone in the same profession as themselves.

Children and Family

May 8 people are the "old souls" of their family. They are so remarkably "together" that they may not experience the typical teenage rebellion period. It isn't odd for May 8 people to have children of their own later in life. These individuals are concerned about teaching their youngsters to become self-sufficient and free-thinking people.


People born on May 8 are serious and responsible about health issues. They eat right, exercise regularly, and never take chances with their safety. Dedication to their career is commendable but can become dangerous when it deprives them of rest and relaxation.

Career and Finances

May 8 people have the talent and credentials to turn any career choice into a success. They often decide their career path early in life. Intelligent and sensible by nature, they do best in positions of high-level stress, such as medicine, police work, and air-traffic control.


Dreams and Goals

May 8 natives don't believe in waiting for goals to come true -- they go out and grab them. They are exceptionally organized and are likely to plan their goals carefully. Although they have the capacity to indulge their fondest dreams, they are sensible enough to understand that without hard work few dreams can come true.

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