May 15 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Tauruses born on May 15 draw inspiration from their physical and emotional surroundings. These people have a great need to distill their experience and share it with others through art or some other personal expression. They are natural do-gooders who like to feel as if they are thoroughly connected to the family of humankind.


Friends and Lovers

Whether it is for spiritual or emotional purposes, May 15 people sense what lessons they need to know and act upon that knowledge through choosing the relationships they need. Romantic partners often fill the same role. If it seems as if they are constantly making curious choices in love, it's because they are looking for someone who can teach them the lessons they need to know.

Children and Family

May 15 people are likely to have a complicated family life, often stemming from the demands or misconceptions of a parent or guardian. If they do have children, they are adamant about not repeating the mistakes their parents made. Although concerned with their youngsters' success in life, they want it to be on their kids' terms, not their own.


No matter how disciplined the eating habits of May 15 people, they may suffer from a weight problem because of an aversion to exercise. They often lack the discipline to maintain a daily workout regimen. Unless they are motivated, they easily fall back into poor health habits.

Career and Finances

Many May 15 natives have superior speaking and singing voices that prompt them to build a career around those talents. They also have a good head for business. Though not money-oriented, they enjoy living a lavish lifestyle -- and that requires money. Fortunately, these folks have good instincts for making investments; they're fearless and don't worry about risk.


Dreams and Goals

May 15 individuals have many dreams, but it can be difficult for them to make their dreams reality. Because of their laid-back attitude, it isn't easy for them to focus on goals to the exclusion of other life concerns.

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