March 21 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

An Aries born March 21 has a proud and adventuresome nature, though this may not be displayed in conventional ways. They have incredible emotional resilience and can bounce back from disappointment more readily than nearly any other individual.


Friends and Lovers

March 21 people have a quiet intensity that is riveting. Although they do not make a great display of themselves, they draw others to them easily. They feel most secure about themselves when they are in love with a permanent partner. They require a great deal of affection and tenderness from a mate.

Children and Family

March 21 individuals often enter adulthood with a great many unresolved feelings about the importance of being nurtured and understood. With their own children, March 21 men and women seek to compensate for what they lacked during their youth.


March 21 natives have to endorse a regular exercise regimen if they are to present a slim, fit appearance. They are usually robust and possess a high energy level. It is rare for them to be ill, and they have the ability to work for long stretches without rest or sleep.

Career and Finances

March 21 individuals have a natural ability to act as a mentor or guide to younger associates, and they make excellent teachers. They also have good financial instincts. Although money isn't really important to them, they respond to its aura of power.


Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals

March 21 individuals can best facilitate their goals by learning to climb the proverbial ladder of success one rung at a time. Although they revel in their accomplishments, they need to be reminded that an occasional setback can be a greater teacher than a triumph.

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