March 17 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

There is a hard edge of reality to a Pisces born on March 17, even though he or she is sensitive. They are often talented, yet they can transcend their greatness and see the practical side of life. They are enlivened by this dichotomy. They know that however complicated and demanding their life is, they have the option to turn a blind eye to it.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date often find their greatest challenges in relationships. Those who seem to be their friends are sometimes not as loyal as March 17 people have the right to expect them to be. Being drawn into major conflicts in love is fairly commonplace. They tend to let themselves be managed in romantic matters.

Children and Family

Those born on this date often spend their growing-up years in a sheltered environment. Starting life as a "princess" or "fair-haired boy" has its privileges, but in most cases it delays maturation. They want to expose their youngsters to a more realistic view of life and so craft an upbringing that is short on fantasy, long on truth.


March 17 people require a lot of calcium and iron in their diet. They already know the value of daily exercise. Naturally slim, they may have concerns about an inherited condition such as arthritis.

Career and Finances

March 17 people must follow the dictates of their heart in making career choices. They have a need to play out their innermost fantasies through their work. Financial security is a serious matter to them. These individuals want their loved ones to have the comforts of life.


Dreams and Goals

March 17 people are concerned with bringing together their dreamy side as well as their practical side. Since relationships generally constitute the most challenging part of life for them, they may need to set specific goals that address these conflicts. The people born on this day vacillate between being incurable romantics and hard-boiled cynics.

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