June 7 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 7 have the desire to make their presence felt in the world. They are curious and vibrant, with an ability to keep their level of enthusiasm high no matter what. They have a deservedly high opinion of themselves and will go to great lengths to make themselves seen and heard.


Friends and Lovers

Because June 7 natives are constantly surrounded by people attracted to their winning personalities, they choose their close friends with great care, usually ones with honest motives. In love and romance, they enjoy being in demand and may delay marriage.

Children and Family

June 7 people are accustomed to being the pampered ones in the family. Their charm and sweetness usually guarantee this favored status. People born on this date have a real talent for getting along with children -- their own and those of other family members and friends. They stress to their own children the importance of learning to be independent.


June 7 natives have an undisciplined attitude about health and nutritional concerns. They tend toward extremes and excesses. When they diet, they often follow fad regimens or radical eating plans that can do them more harm than good.

Career and Finances

These individuals do best in careers that allow them to make use of their winning personality. They make excellent sales representatives, Realtors, and front-office personnel. Although not particularly good at money management, they have amazing luck with money.


Dreams and Goals

Most June 7 individuals need to express the deeply spiritual aspects of their personality and may opt for periods of worldly abstinence. Although this may seem extreme to family and friends, June 7 people understand the importance of nonmaterialistic goals.

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