June 4 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 4 combine daring with practicality and discipline with artistry. They have a sparkling personality and are very much aware of the effect they have on others. They need to be honest with themselves in order to keep from using this talent to unfair advantage.


Friends and Lovers

These individuals express a great deal of their life-energy though friendships. They are fascinated by people whose backgrounds are different from their own. June 4 men and women adore taking chances, especially romantic ones. They are quick to fall in love, and they are quick to fall out of it. Knowing their own nature, they may put off marriage as long as possible; however, if they choose marriage, they make excellent, if unconventional, mates.

Children and Family

These people are often at odds with their upbringing. If it was repressive, they opt for eccentricity and rebellion; if it was liberal, they seek conventionality. As parents, attitudes and platitudes they have reviled in the past suddenly begin to make sense, and they find themselves rebelling against their own rebellion!


June 4 natives tend to be extreme in their attitudes about health and fitness. Whether it's fad diets or fasting, they always seem to be at least one step ahead of the current health trends. They have a great love of sports and may pursue them on a professional or semiprofessional level.

Career and Finances

June 4 individuals have a hard-science bent and may look for a career in which they can practice one of the scientific disciplines. Careers in defense work or communications are profitable choices for these individuals. Their financial fortunes tend to rise and fall depending upon their ability to manage things.


Dreams and Goals

June 4 natives think of life as one big series of exciting surprises. They love spontaneity and would rather be caught off-guard by circumstances than plan for them. These individuals are great humanitarians who feel it is their duty to give of their resources and talents to help those who are less fortunate.

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