June 27 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Although they possess a great sense of their own importance, Cancers born on June 27 are not naturally egotistical people. They have a strong, almost overbearing, personality, yet they wear it with ease and grace. They have a dynamic charm and are usually quiet and unassuming.


Friends and Lovers

June 27 natives are upbeat, friendly, and devoted to creating meaningful friendships. They enjoy having a lot of people around them. Their love life, however, is often fraught with considerable temptation because of their strong sexual nature. Once they find their soul mate, though, they'll nurture a meaningful relationship.

Children and Family

Negative childhood experiences may have left June 27 natives with misconceptions about the value of family, so they may choose to remain childless. If they do have children they will encourage their youngsters to have plenty of outside-the-family associations.


June 27 people lead an active lifestyle that keeps them trim and toned, even though they have a great love of good food. They have the natural ability to be professional athletes, yet if their tastes do not run in this direction they will certainly keep themselves fit by playing weekend sports.

Career and Finances

June 27 people use common sense when making a living. They favor a job that provides the sort of financial security they have come to depend on yet find it impossible to do work that does not satisfy emotional needs. They are practical yet possess good vision.


Dreams and Goals

June 27 people are more ambitious than they may seem. Because they take a slow and measured approach to reaching their goals, more overtly driven types are apt to underestimate their drive. They have big dreams and are serious about making them come true.

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