June 24 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Cancers born on June 24 have a great need to break with tradition and the past. These creative, artistic souls have something to prove to themselves and others. They possess great personal charm, which may give others the impression that they are mellow and not very driven. They sometimes sacrifice personal happiness in order to achieve their goals.


Friends and Lovers

June 24 folks constantly feel the need to give of themselves in friendships and love relationships, but their feelings are often not reciprocated in the ways they hope. They may have problems succeeding at love, though they try hard to succeed. When they marry they want it to be forever. They'll do everything they can to keep the romance alive.

Children and Family

Because of their charm, June 24 natives make it easy for them to be loved by all. They are not particularly interested in becoming parents, though they are exceptionally good at the job if and when the responsibility comes their way.


Unless June 24 individuals are in harmonious balance, they may suffer from nervous complaints and stomach ailments, which are exacerbated by a love of rich food and drink.

Career and Finances

Despite their need for fulfilling and exciting careers, June 24 individuals do not always have the stamina or perseverance to follow through on their ambitions. They spend money easily, even obsessively. Professional help with these matters is advised.


Dreams and Goals

June 24 people often wish to succeed in a creative endeavor, even if their career ambitions lie elsewhere. They often take circuitous paths toward their goals, becoming involved in or distracted by other aims in the process. Yet once they see the possibility of a dream coming true, nothing can keep them from attaining it.

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