June 2 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 2 live more through their emotions than their intellect. This may not be readily apparent since they are bright achievers with quiet personalities that discourage them from "opening up." They have a more serious disposition than many Geminis. They give the impression of being emotionally fragile but are strong-willed and independent.


Friends and Lovers

June 2 people are not interested in superficial relationships. They seek out friends who can share their need for emotional intimacy. They have an extremely romantic nature and are often disappointed in love. They may be reluctant to marry since it conflicts with their notion of a grand passion.

Children and Family

June 2 people find it hard to disassociate themselves from traumas experienced in their childhood. Because of their sensitivity, they often form close emotional ties with their own children. They are also sometimes overprotective of their offspring.


June 2 natives are basically strong but can often find their health adversely affected by emotional issues. During such a time they may be bothered with headaches, digestive problems, and sleepiness. They tend to find solace in "comfort foods" if things go wrong. Fortunately, this rarely leads to being overweight since they have an active metabolism.

Career and Finances

Because of their quiet, introspective natures, June 2 individuals are attracted to occupations that allow them to use their intelligence and sensitivity. They do well as therapists, nurses, and veterinarians. They are apprehensive about handling money. Their eccentricities may include a dislike of banks or an unwillingness to deal in anything but cash transactions.


Dreams and Goals

June 2 people rarely disclose their personal goals to others. Generally modest in their desire for the obvious trappings of success, they have a desire to "fit in" because often feel like outsiders. They place considerable significance on their personal relationships; when these are successful, they enjoy a great sense of personal accomplishment.

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