June 19 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 19 adore being in the spotlight and will fight to stay there. They are goal-oriented and know their own worth and are eager to prove it. They are exuberant, creative people who light up a room when they enter it. They have personality to spare and are not shy about displaying it.


Friends and Lovers

These people have a slightly idealized view of relationships. They are usually romantically linked with like-minded individuals. It may take a long time to find someone special to love, but when they do they are happy to hang up their dancing shoes forever.

Children and Family

June 19 individuals have a habit of distancing themselves from their family upbringing. They can be fine parents, though parenting is rarely a primary interest in their lives.


June 19 people have a golden glow of health. This is partly due to their natural good health and also to their rigorous health and fitness regimen.

Career and Finances

June 19 individuals prefer careers that give them a chance to "show off." They have tremendous ambition and continually strive to improve themselves. June 19 folks are not particularly interested in handling their own finances.


Dreams and Goals

Although they think big, June 19 people may not be clear about what they wish to accomplish. The high ideals and integrity of June 19 individuals keep them from going after goals just for the sake of achieving power. They will never take advantage to make themselves look good.

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