June 17 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 17 are uncharacteristically serious. They are concerned with making a success in life, yet a spirit of rebellion lurks behind their seemingly conservative and traditional facades. They have a vision all their own but aren't always sure just how to achieve it.


Friends and Lovers

June 17 people have difficulty confiding their feelings to others. In love, they tend to be cautious about choosing someone to whom they can give their heart because they have difficulty trusting.

Children and Family

June 17 people often have an unusual view of family life, based on their upbringing. When they do choose to become a parent, they need the full support and loving help of their mate in order to make them feel secure in handling the many responsibilities of parenthood.


June 17 people have a rather low level of resistance and may be likely to catch colds and flu easily. They have a healthy appetite but may have trouble gaining weight.

Career and Finances

June 17 people flourish in careers as physicians, surgeons, dentists, and nutritionists. These individuals also make good accountants, bankers, brokers, and lawyers. In financial matters, they would rather save money than spend it. They are not adventurous as investors and prefer the safe route.


Dreams and Goals

June 17 individuals are ambitious yet worry about overstepping their abilities and being disappointed. They need to learn that if they are ever going to get everything they desire out of life, they will have to take risks. They are not particularly humanitarian but have a natural understanding of the way in which each individual owes his or her good fortune to humankind.

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