June 12 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born June 12 are big thinkers who possess the enthusiasm to go for all the marbles. These incredible optimists believe that everything that happens is for the best. When they must face a setback, they're never depressed. They are great self-starters who always seem to have a plan.


Friends and Lovers

June 12 people have a genuine love of people and value diversity in their circle of pals. They enjoy all aspects of friendship. In romance, they are idealists who often marry early. They are serious about romantic commitments and seldom break them.

Children and Family

Family life is complicated for June 12 people. Though they try their best, they may not be able to meet the high standards of a parent or parent figure. They are much more liberal with their own children. They enjoy a large family and give equal amount of love to each child.


These high-strung individuals enjoy good health, though they tend to worry more than necessary. They are always juggling a variety of tasks. Getting plenty of sleep and taking vitamins on a daily basis should be enough to give them the stamina and endurance they need.

Career and Finances

June 12 natives have the vision and determination to get what they want in life. They do exceptionally well in careers such as teaching and counseling. There are many projects they wish to accomplish in life, and most of these ideas require considerable capital.


Dreams and Goals

June 12 people have many goals, but sometimes details can derail their plans. Once they grow to understand the importance of managing those details, nothing can stop them from making their dreams come true.

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