June 11 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Although they need a great deal of personal validation, Geminis born June 11 possess an ego strong enough to support their grandiose ambitions. They possess superb leadership qualities and have the potential to make a difference in the world.


Friends and Lovers

June 11 people are basically loners who prefer the company of a few close friends to a wide variety of pals. They are extremely romantic and fall in love many times. However, they want love to be more than it is and frequently draw controversy into their love lives without even realizing what they are doing.

Children and Family

June 11 natives have a great belief in family values. They tend to pursue a strong interest in family matters long after they have left home. As parents, they are concerned about doing their best. Although they may be committed to career responsibilities, they try hard to make time for family life.


Because of their somewhat moody disposition, June 11 people may suffer from real or imagined ailments brought on by their emotions. These health problems usually abate when they are happy. Some deal with their emotions by eating or drinking too much. It is important for them to learn to protect their emotional well-being from these tendencies.

Career and Finances

June 11 individuals like to lose themselves in creative occupations that give them the opportunity to express their inner dreams and fears. Because they are not ambitious in the traditional sense, they can benefit from the help and advice of a mentor.


Dreams and Goals

June 11 natives are often daydreamers and not particularly goal-oriented. They're more likely to "feel" rather than "know" how to go about making their dreams come true. However, they have faith in their abilities and work hard to make their dreams come alive.

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