April 8 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Despite a pleasing personality, an Aries born on April 8 has steel at their core and never misses a chance to learn from their mistakes or miscalculations. They don't see themselves as catalysts for change but will endeavor to right a wrong if an opportunity presents itself.


Friends and Lovers

Even though they make admirable friends and counselors, April 8 people never judge themselves by their ability to attract others. They value love but will never place their complete faith in it. They are too self-sufficient to expect the love of another person to make them more fulfilled. Fidelity is important to these individuals.

Children and Family

April 8 natives see themselves as authority figures. This may be a result of being forced to grow up early. With their own children, they are strict disciplinarians who may occasionally seem cold and unforgiving. But this is only an affectation to help enforce the lessons they believe their children must learn to succeed.


April 8 people are sticklers for good health and fitness practices. They possess a natural athletic ability as well as formidable mental and spiritual endurance. They require extra calcium to ward off brittle bones and arthritic conditions that may appear later in life.

Career and Finances

April 8 individuals often choose a career where they can achieve perfection. Research, especially within the boundaries of science and medicine, appeals to their sense of order and balance. Practical in all aspects of life, they handle money well and with a certain flair, though they do not take risks with what they have worked so hard to earn.


Dreams and Goals

April 8 natives believe in their ability to accomplish whatever goals they value. Even though they face enormous challenges, they do not give up and they do not complain. The moral and spiritual sturdiness of these individuals is a positive factor.

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