April 5 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

An Aries born on April 5 is a natural aristocrat, has a high opinion of themselves and may even be self-centered. However, that attitude in no way influences their ability to interact with others or to be likeable. They possess a sense of destiny and may often find themselves involved in unusual circumstances. Their best trait is unabashed honesty.


Friends and Lovers

Although April 5 individuals value friendship, they will always look to themselves for answers and inspiration. Temperamental by nature, they make emotionally combative lovers, but they are always honest about their feelings.

Children and Family

April 5 natives may have a contentious relationship with family members, perhaps based upon competition fostered during their youth. They make loving but demanding parents. They have great plans for their offspring and may find it difficult to understand if a son or daughter harbors more modest aims.


These individuals have a great abundance of energy; illnesses are rare. They don't pamper themselves. Because of their mercurial disposition, overwork may bring migraine headaches or mental exhaustion. To retain their natural good health, they need to drink an abundance of water each day.

Career and Finances

April 5 natives aren't as interested in accumulating money for themselves as they are in displaying their abilities in managing financial affairs. For this reason, they often seek careers in finance. Honesty and integrity underscore their professional efforts. Money is rarely an enticement to follow a particular career path. They have a lively intelligence and curiosity, which makes them fine educators.


Dreams and Goals

April 5 individuals don't look for success and good fortune to fall from the sky; instead, they're willing to sacrifice, work hard, and plan well to make their dreams come true.

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