April 4 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

An Aries born on April 4 will possess the enviable talent of being worldly and spiritual in equal measure. They inspire through example yet never seek to force others into their way of thinking or behaving. Although a particular talent or ability is often the keystone of their nature, they prefer to see themselves as many-faceted.


Friends and Lovers

April 4 natives are more likely to have a few close companions rather than large numbers of acquaintances. Although kind and gentle, these people do not share their feelings easily or comfortably. Love is something of a mystery to these people. They don't like complicated relationships and often marry quite young. Their unflappable dispositions make them ideal companions.

Children and Family

April 4 individuals have a serious yet good-natured attitude that instantly commands respect. Their levelheaded way of dealing with problems belies their age. Because of the heavy responsibilities placed on them in youth, many do not seek parenthood. Those who do have children will usually be concerned with making their youngsters' lives less complicated and demanding than theirs were.


The health concerns of April 4 individuals can be traced to an inability to fully show or express their emotions. Having a stalwart and uncomplaining nature, they rarely give their inner life the time and attention it requires. Massage techniques can help April 4 individuals experience their true feelings and relieve their pain.

Career and Finances

Because April 4 individuals may not have a high opinion of their own abilities, they may settle for jobs far below their skill level. They are so accustomed to doing what is expected that they may not even realize their full potential. April 4 natives can benefit from a mentor's financial advice since they tend to have conservative views about money.


Dreams and Goals

April 4 natives need to learn how to chase their dreams without feeling frivolous and self-centered. But once they untether their expectations, these individuals can soar. These individuals respond well under pressure.

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