April 27 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Though intelligent, a Taurus born on April 27 is primarily a doer, not a thinker. Instinct plays a big part in guiding their decision-making, and they are famous for saying what they think. They are also people-oriented and never seem to run out of enthusiasm.


Friends and Lovers

April 27 people never fail to make a vivid impression. Their personality is forceful, sometimes domineering, yet their heart is always in the right place. They are highly sexual but prefer a stable union to a series of superficial encounters. They take their marriage vows seriously.

Children and Family

April 27 natives are not likely to be the children that their parents expect, or the parents that their children expect. Tradition means little to these free-thinking individuals. As parents, they tend to be demanding, but they never expect blind obedience from their children.


Due to their energetic nature, April 27 natives have a habit of displaying their emotions, which can actually have a positive impact on their health. Competitive sports such as tennis or racquetball make ideal weekend recreation for these men and women.

Career and Finances

April 27 individuals have a real desire to succeed and will work hard to get to the top of their profession. They do best in work that allows them to make use of their energy and organizational skills. They are spenders, not savers, and can benefit from professional advice.


Dreams and Goals

April 27 individuals believe fervently in their dreams and the ability to realize them. Emotion plays a big part in staying focused on the choices and decisions that may turn dreams into reality. If their enthusiasm wanes, they are liable to lose faith in their own abilities.

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