April 18 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

When an Aries born on April 18 sets themselves a task, they will go to any lengths to accomplish it. Opinionated and aggressive, they often find themselves at the center of controversy. They favor involvement on all levels and are not the type to sit idly as long as there are victories to be won.


Friends and Lovers

The enthusiasm and energy with which April 18 people conduct their lives are infectious and draw others to them as admirers and friends. Their love life is often operatic in its intensity and drama. These folks are often good-looking, charming individuals who have no difficulty attracting lovers.

Children and Family

April 18 people are able to inspire incredible respect and affection from family members. Despite their self-sufficiency, these individuals frequently defer to the attitudes and opinions of authority figures. As parents, they take their roles seriously and strive to provide good examples to their offspring.


With their high energy and eagerness to extract the maximum enjoyment from life, April 18 people are vital and vibrant. Those who follow in their energetic wake find it hard to match their level of endurance. Since their metabolism is naturally high, they require only a modest amount of exercise a few times a week.

Career and Finances

Despite their ability to turn ordinary circumstances into opportunity, these people are most interested in concepts, not the bottom line. Because of their ability to inspire others, they make impressive politicians and entrepreneurs. With their impulsive nature, however, they may make questionable financial choices and should seek professional advice.


Dreams and Goals

The goal of April 18 natives is to open the eyes of those around them and create change in their own time. In the rare event of a setback, they shrug off disappointment and begin again. An unswerving belief in their ability keeps them on track.

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