April 13 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

An Aries born on April 13 definitely possesses a spark of genius. These are not showy individuals, but people who prefer existence in a humble, even obscure, setting. Although they would never seek fame, it sometimes finds them, and, when it does, it acts as a profound disruption in their lives.


Friends and Lovers

The analytic characteristics of April 13 people make them seem rather cold when they interact with friends and romantic partners. They often experience problems in a relationship because they're not as attentive as friends or lovers would like them to be. Romance may not be the most important factor in their lives, but they work hard at love. They are happiest with a partner who understands their need to be free and autonomous.

Children and Family

The iconoclastic, sometimes rebellious attitudes of April 13 people can be a bone of contention in family life. Because they are determined to walk their own path, they often find themselves in conflict with time-honored family traditions and values. They may have a rude awakening when they discover that their kids are as anxious to do things their own way as they were!


Nervous complaints, often stomach-related, are the typical health issues faced by April 13 people. Seminars in stress management can help these edgy people.

Career and Finances

A career is more than a way to make a living for April 13 natives. Although not known for grandiose plans, they have a burning sense that they must be allowed to learn, discover, and explore. They may or may not be interested in making money, but, when they do, it often arrives as a result of a special gift they possess.


Dreams and Goals

Never passive, April 13 natives go after what they want. Success and achievement may be rather abstract and arbitrary terms to them, but they realize that life is a game with many rules. While it can be difficult for them to compromise their ideals, they will make small ideological concessions in the name of the greater good.

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