April 12 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Aries born on April 12 are in a class by themselves, and are armed with considerable intelligence, curiosity, and plenty of drive. Students of the human condition, they are keen observers who can easily spot deception in a colleague or associate. They have a genuine gift for enjoying life, and their ability to laugh at themselves is laudable and refreshing.


Friends and Lovers

April 12 individuals are often perceived as being the "senior partner" in a friendship or love relationship. They thrive in relationships where mutual trust and emotional support are paramount factors. In romance, they seek joy and positivity and will leave any association that promotes dependency or misunderstanding.

Children and Family

Family life has a pleasant significance for April 12 natives, who understand that life lessons come through understanding and rediscovering their familial ties. These people see parenthood as a sacred trust. They understand that children are only lent, not given. When older children disagree with them, they accept it with grace.


As long as they are happy and emotionally fulfilled, April 12 natives need not worry about health problems. However, moderate exercise is suggested to keep fit.

Career and Finances

Money has great significance for April 12 people because they want to make a comfortable life for themselves and their family. Although extremely generous, they may have a blind spot about savings.


Dreams and Goals

April 12 natives seek to coalesce their materialistic and spiritual aims. They do not see their life goals in terms of separate endeavors but as a broad system of experience. When these folks commit to a goal, they possess the will and ambition to make it a reality.

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