April 11 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Good-hearted and daring, an Aries born on April 11 has the potential to do a great deal of good in the world. They display the care and compassion that is often missing from human endeavors.


Friends and Lovers

These people like to surround themselves with partners who share their sense of commitment to their own goals. For these individuals there is a thin line between love and friendship. Friends may become lovers, and lovers may become friends. When they decide to marry, they make understanding and nurturing mates.

Children and Family

While they can't help trying to take the lead in all relationships, they are also anxious to absorb the philosophies of those closest to them. As parents, they prefer to let their children have an incredible amount of leeway. They believe in discipline, not punishment.


Few people can claim such vibrant good health as April 11 natives. They seem to radiate energy and high spirits. They take particular care with their appearance and endorse a regular exercise regimen.

Career and Finances

Whether they are in a position to affect change on a minor level or a large scale, April 11 individuals will do their best to make the world better through their actions. They can become exceptional politicians, lawyers, and teachers. Generally, their career choice is determined by political or ethical considerations.


Dreams and Goals

April 11 people believe in their own ability to change the world. When they are very young, they are overly idealistic, and as they mature, they retain a positive attitude. These people know how to turn a negative experience into a lesson learned. They believe in themselves and in the goodness of those around them.

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