Game of Baseball

Baseball is America's game, but it is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Read about your favorite sluggers, pitchers and teams throughout history.

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The Montreal Expos have their share of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame located in Cooperstown New York. Get information and stats on their key players: Gary Carter and Tony Perez.

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Need a refresher on the rules of America's favorite game? This article explains the rules, equipment and scores.

By Kevin Bonsor & Joe Martin

When Mark McGwire hits a home run, the distance the ball traveled is always announced on the scoreboard and on television a few seconds later. How do they know how far the ball traveled, and what techniques do they use to figure it out?


Baseball fields often have checkerboards and other patterns mowed into them. How can I create the same effect with my lawn?

If you didn't grow up tossing a baseball around, you may wonder how that amazing curveball is thrown. This article explains how it works and how to throw one yourself.

Sixteen major league perfect games have been pitched in the entire history of baseball. What's a pitcher's definition of perfection?

Almost every Major League Baseball player was groomed in the Minor League. Go behind the scenes with the Durham Bulls to find out all about the Minors!