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Card Games introduces you to the most popular styles of card games and how to win at each of them.

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How to Play Boodle

Boodle is a card game in which the object is to deplete your cards and collect from the designated boodle or money cards. Learn how to earn chips and avoid a penalty for misplaying.

How to Play Five Hundred

Five Hundred is a popular card game in which the object is to score 500 points by making bids and taking tricks. Learn how to deal bid and score to win the game.

How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is a popular card game in which the object is to win your wager during your turn. Learn the basics of the game, including how to deal and wager properly.

How to Play Crazy Eights

Eights are wild and so is the action in this fast-paced card game. Crazy Eights is an excellent game to play with kids. Learn how to play Crazy Eights as well as Double Crazy Eights.

How to Play Casino

As far back as 1797, Casino was described in books on card games. Though the game has quite a few details, it's easy to learn and fun to play. Learn to play Casino as well as Royal Casino.

How to Play Concentration

Concentration is often one of the first card games a child learns. In fact, don’t be surprised if the youngest participants outplay their elders. Learn how to play Concentration as well as Moving Concentration.

How to Play Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a card game in which the object is to be the first to play off all your cards. Learn how to make sure your opponents are left holding the bowl of chips.

How to Play War

War is a classic card game that many of us first played when we were children. The object is to win all the cards. In practical terms it rarely ends with a complete defeat. Learn to how play the card game war.

How to Play Klondike

For many people, Klondike is synonymous with solitaire. Why it has been such a popular card game is a puzzle, since you don't end up a winner very often. Learn how to play Klondike solitaire.

How to Play Canfield

Canfield is a solitaire card game named after the owner of a celebrated gaming house in the old-time resort town of Sarasota Springs, N.Y. Learn how to play Canfield.

How to Play Accordion

Accordion is a popular solitaire card game in which the object is to form one faceup pile. Once you've made a pile, you treat it as a single card. Learn to defeat the odds and win.

How to Play Vanishing Cross

Vanishing Cross is a popular solitaire card game in which the object is to build a 13-card sequence for each suit, using the standard deck of 52 cards. Learn how to beat the deck and win the card game of Vanishing Cross.

How to Play Pinochle

Pinochle was developed in Europe from the card game Bezique. Since then many different and exciting variations of Pinochle have been created. Learn about Pinochle, Partnership Pinochle, Two-Handed Pinochle and Cut-Throat Pinochle.

Card Game Glossary

The world of card games has its own distinct language. Some terms and games are commonly known while others are more obscure. Read this article to find out the definitions of many card game terms, so you'll feel like a pro at the card table.

How to Play Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular forms of Rummy and is generally played by two players, each receiving ten cards. Learn how to beat your opponent by melding your cards the fastest.

How to Play Italian Canasta

Italian Canasta is a variation of classic Canasta, but in this version each player receives 15 cards. Learn how to conquer your opponents by being the first team to earn 12,000 points.

How to Play Two-Handed Pinochle

Two-Handed Pinochle is a trick-taking card game played by two people with a 48-card Pinochle deck. Learn the basic rules, and learn how to eventually win by being the first person to earn 1000 points in the game.

How to Play Hearts

Hearts is a classic card game in which the object is to score the least amount of points. Learn the basics of how to play the game, including dealing and scoring.

How to Play 500 Rum

500 Rum, a popular version of Rummy, can be played by two to six players. Learn how to be the first player to score 500 points and win this card game.

How to Play Knock Rummy

Knock Rummy is a version of the ever popular Rummy card game. Learn how to be the first player to knock and stop play when your deadwood (unmatched cards) count is less than your opponents'.

How to Play Partnership Pinochle

Partnership Pinochle is a trick-taking game played with a 48-card deck. Read on to find out how to win the game by being the first team to score 1,500 points.

How Poker Works

Once a game reserved for gun-wielding tough guys in dimly lit smoke-filled back rooms, poker has made an amazing transition to the mainstream. Now there are weekly poker games in homes all over the United States, along with a nationally-televised World Series of Poker.

How does the Cave of Magic card trick work?

The Cave of Magic is a classic card trick that demonstrates some principles of magic tricks in general. Like many others, this trick relies on the power of suggestion and the brain's tendency to ignore fine detail. Learn more about the Cave of Magic.

Why do they include jokers in a deck of cards?

In almost every deck of cards are a pair of relatively useless but well-decorated cards -- the infamous jokers. Where did these cards come from and why do they continue to put jokers in a deck of cards?