10 Legendary Baseball Curses


The Curse of A-Rod

You'd be cranky, too, if people thought you were cursed.
You'd be cranky, too, if people thought you were cursed.
Mark Cunningham/Sport/Getty Images

By 2003, Texas Rangers third baseman Alex Rodriguez had become one of the most valuable players in baseball. His batting averages were among the best in the game. He'd been voted the American League's most valuable player (MVP), and his star was on the rise.

Then, in an unprecedented move (no currently reigning MVP had ever before been traded), the Rangers inked a lucrative deal to trade A-Rod to the Red Sox. Because the trade included a voluntary salary reduction by Rodriguez, Major League Baseball put the kibosh on the deal. In what some fans later speculated was a repeat of 1918's cursed trade of Babe Ruth, the Yankees stepped in and snatched up the rising star.

At the time of the trade, in spite of being, by all accounts, one of the strongest players in the game, Alex Rodriguez had never won a World Series. After the Yankees acquired the star, fans were sure all that was about to change. As 2004 passed without a World Series victory, however, fans began picking apart Rodriguez' career. "Look at how promising teams floundered after they signed A-Rod," they whispered, "Maybe he's cursed!" By 2005, sports media began drawing parallels between the A-Rod and Babe Ruth trades and speculating that perhaps Babe Ruth's curse of the Bambino, broken in 2004, had morphed into the curse of A-Rod. As year after year passed without a World Series win, the curse of A-Rod became legendary.

Then, in 2009, the Yankees won the World Series. Today, some claim the curse of A-Rod never existed at all. Others blame the Yankee's losing streak on a coach.