10 Classic Toys That Could Kill You

Easy-Bake Oven
The current Easy-Bake Oven bears little resemblance to the model with the cooktop and front-loading oven that caught so many little fingers. Matthew Simmons/WireImage for Silver Spoon

You can still buy Easy-Bake Ovens and use them to bake miniature cookies and cakes, but one version of this popular toy was recalled by the Hasbro, the toy's manufacturer.

This purple-and-pink oven was modeled after a kitchen stove and had a mock stovetop and a front-loading oven, one with a tendency to trap children's fingers. The recall was spurred by hundreds of reports of children getting hands or fingers caught in the oven, leading to second- or third-degree burns from the heating coil. One 5-year-old girl even required a partial finger amputation. Nearly 1 million of these Easy-Bake Ovens were sold before the recall in 2007 [source: CPSC].