Highest Paying Jobs in the Film Industry
Producer Harvey Weinstein.

Producer Harvey Weinstein poses at the HFPA and InStyle 2011 Toronto International Film Festival Party in September 2011.

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

If your main source of information is "People" magazine, you might think that everyone in Hollywood is filthy rich. But don't pack for Tinseltown just yet: It turns out the median weekly earnings of non-supervisory film industry workers in 2008 was $627 -- only $19 more than the median weekly earnings of all other industries combined [source: Bureau of Labor Statistics].

That's not to say making movies isn't lucrative. As "People" magazine makes clear, you can make money in the movie business. We've compiled a few job descriptions for your resume, so head over to the next page to read about the first of our 10 top-paying jobs in the film industry.