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How Blokus Works

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Author's Note: How Blokus Works

Writing about Blokus is difficult. Not because the game is hard (I'm confident that a seven-year-old playing online beats me regularly) or because there's loads of background and research -- this isn't exactly Dungeons & Dragons, where a thorough history of the story is required. No, it's difficult to write about Blokus for the miserable excuse that it is fun to play Blokus. The game is addicting. So addicting, in fact, that every time I sat down to write, I instead found myself thinking of reasons to play the game -- research, you know -- instead of writing about it. One of the reasons Blokus is so satisfying is because although it is easy and doesn't require background, it's still a challenge to design and implement a strategy. Even educational experts see it as an intellectually beneficial game, which only leads me to drop what I'm doing to play another round. For my brain, you know.

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