September 25 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born on September 25 have a strong sense of honor and integrity. These sharply focused individuals expect a great deal of themselves. Opinionated and ethical, they are motivated to achieve worldly and spiritual success. These elegant, self-possessed people have a tendency to brood.


Friends and Lovers

September 25 individuals favor a small but select circle of friends. Although they aren't given to confiding in others, they're likely to display their feelings through nonverbal clues or actions. They are highly romantic and can be drawn into unwise relationships because the lure of excitement is too great to resist.

Children and Family

People born on this date have a need for emotional closure. This is not simply a forgive-and-forget proposition; they need to understand what went wrong. They are dedicated to giving their children a more nurturing home environment than they experienced.


People born on this date are always trying to achieve balance in all areas, including health matters. They understand the value of exercise and enjoy competitive sports. September 25 individuals understand that meditation and relaxation are important to achieving balance.

Career and Finances

Because September 25 people present a good appearance, they often seek careers that allow them to "show off" their looks. They are more concerned with protecting their assets than trying to make more, yet they have good instincts for investments.


Dreams and Goals

September 25 individuals are interested in exploring their nature. This can be difficult because they are sometimes afraid of their own intensity. Marriage, children, and career changes all help these complicated individuals define themselves.

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