September 23 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born on September 23 are energetic fact-finders. These highly verbal people combine a love of learning with good taste -- the hallmark of their sign. September 23 people manage to project an image of seriousness while still maintaining their charm. Though they may seem indecisive, it is simply their nature to weigh all aspects of a question.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date have a friendly, outgoing disposition, and they possess a wonderful sense of social decorum. September 23 folks show the same charm and discretion in love affairs. They generally look for and appeal to people who share their love of intelligent conversation and friendly banter.

Children and Family

September 23 natives choose to remember the best of their upbringing while ignoring unpleasant events. People born on this date need to feel as if they have a harmonious relationship with their own youngsters and will work hard to accomplish this. This could lead to a lack of discipline, which sends the wrong message.


September 23 individuals have an instinct for keeping their lives in perfect balance. A healthy regimen includes daily exercise, a balanced diet, and meditation or prayer. They are concerned with their appearance but will not sacrifice good health in order to look great.

Career and Finances

September 23 men and women find fulfillment working in communications or in positions that deal with the public. They require an atmosphere of harmony where relationships between colleagues are pleasant. They prefer saving money to spending it and are willing to save for major purchases rather than use credit.


Dreams and Goals

September 23 people have an opinion about just about everything, although they are in no way controversial. Because they have orderly minds and fastidious habits, these men and women have an easy time maintaining their focus on achievement. Their accomplishments are sweeter when savored with a partner.

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