September 13 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Virgos born on September 13 are style setters in their own way. Their cool, collected attitude marks them as winners. They do not typify the usual Virgo traits of caution and conservatism; they're more likely to walk on the wild side.


Friends and Lovers

Loners by temperament, September 13 individuals surround themselves with interesting people. For partners, they favor people who have a sense of their own power and specialness. Yet they often find true happiness with someone who is quite different.

Children and Family

People born on September 13 are often opposed to the attitudes they grew up with. They aren't drawn to parenthood; the idea of molding a child is hard for them to appreciate. Those who do become parents are likely to depend on a spouse to maintain discipline.


People born on September 13 are high-strung and nervous. They may suffer from chronic tension headaches and often wake up throughout the night. In order to create a sense of calm, they need to restrict certain habits such as playing video games or watching TV before bedtime.

Career and Finances

People born on September 13 often choose unusual occupations or professions. They have no patience for status and select their life's work with no thought of it. They are uninterested in money, though they have a tendency to spend heavily at times. They may have a penchant for games of chance but should avoid them.


Dreams and Goals

The men and women born on September 13 change their goals almost as often as they change jobs. They have a sense of what they want to accomplish, yet their plans may be indefinite. They are happiest when left to pursue what they feel is right for them. They prize independence, originality, and the ability to be themselves.

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