October 9 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born on October 9 have the gift of making peace. They possess a strong love of beauty and love truth even more. They are controversial yet good-natured. They may display a sharp wit in their debates, but they are more ironic than sarcastic.


Friends and Lovers

Those born on this date demand a lot from their friends. They may look for superficial attractiveness in a lover, but what they want is a soul mate. When they are involved in a relationship that fulfills their spiritual as well as their emotional needs, they are perfectly content.

Children and Family

October 9 natives are devoted to the memory of their childhood, even if there was turmoil going on behind the scenes. October 9 men and women make extraordinary parents. They are able to enter a child's world, re-experiencing all the joy and fantasy of that period.


The men and women born on this date have little interest in keeping fit if it means following a scheduled regimen. They enjoy being involved in physical activities that are conducive to daydreaming, such as long walks.

Career and Finances

People born on this date have a sincere interest in doing things of real consequence in the world -- and not just to satisfy their own egos. They are often drawn toward creative fields. October 9 individuals have a talent for money matters, but they aren't likely to be devoted to it. They prize values more than cash.


Dreams and Goals

People born on this date need to live life on their terms. They gladly throw away status for personal autonomy. They want to find contentment in their personal relationships. Although frustrated and complex in youth, they usually work these matters out by middle age.

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