October 31 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

October 31 Scorpios are searchers after truth and spiritual oneness. They are loners and have no need of validation from others. Although their personal lives may be characterized by highs and lows, they can always get past disappointment. They display honesty without harshness. They are careful about enforcing emotional boundaries.


Friends and Lovers

These introspective people have difficulty relating to others on anything but a truthful level. They are incapable of superficial relationships. They expect a great deal from their romantic life. They will do anything to ensure their relationship is permanent. They cannot overlook infidelity, nor will they be ignored or taken for granted.

Children and Family

Because they are constantly searching for ways to bring the disparate parts of their nature into harmony, October 31 natives look to the past. Once they make peace with it, they are exceptional parents.


People born on this date have their own ways of dealing with health matters. They prefer to initiate a self-designed plan. Because of their great physical and intellectual energy, the system of Chinese exercise known as Qigong is a perfect way for these people to raise their energy levels.

Career and Finances

October 31 men and women are restless and may frequently change careers. They are interested in the esoteric sciences. When they have cash, they spend. When they don't, they pull in the belt.


Dreams and Goals

October 31 men and women strive to learn more about themselves. They have great spiritual potential. Not interested in worldly success, they prefer to find esoteric meaning behind life's circumstances.

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