October 3 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born on October 3 have great poise and composure. They are able to withstand difficult times without complaint and can learn major life-lessons without seeming to change. They are often charming and good looking, but they're not vain. Although they may show a hint of Libran frivolity, they possess self-sufficiency and are very logical.


Friends and Lovers

October 3 men and women try to integrate themselves into the mix but usually end up having others look to them for answers. In love, they have emotional ups and downs. They look for someone who shares their level of commitment and high morals. Once they find such a person, they begin thinking marriage.

Children and Family

These positive people have only happy associations with childhood. They prize tradition and have probably inherited many of their parents' ideas and prejudices. They have a knack for parenting and are naturals at creating stable, loving relationships that offer their little ones spiritual and material comforts.


Few people have as positive an outlook on life as people born on October 3. They refuse to let setbacks or delays frustrate them and so are amazingly healthy. October 3 people don't particularly enjoy exercise, but they have remarkably busy lifestyles that keep them active.

Career and Finances

People born on this date do well in careers that allow them to use their powers of analytical reasoning. Their persuasive attitude makes them adept at sales, real estate, law, and marketing. October 3 individuals are as skilled at handling money as they are at making it.


Dreams and Goals

October 3 natives want to live the good life. Though they may not be willing to bend all their efforts to this aim, they understand the need to diversify their energies. They know that to be happy they must give equal time to their personal lives. People born on this date understand that money isn't the answer to everything.

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