October 21 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Bold and creative, October 21 Libras need their own space. Although they are far more mischievous than rebellious, they enjoy stirring things up. They're fun-loving and don't mind breaking a few rules. These folks may possess the antic demeanor of a typical Libra, but their sense of emotional loyalty is real.


Friends and Lovers

Nothing is as important in the lives of October 21 men and women as the people they love. October 21 people have a spiritual bond to their friends. They are adventuresome in romance and invariably choose a mate who is fun and spontaneous. Under such circumstances, romance only grows better and more satisfying.

Children and Family

October 21 people have engaging, exuberant personalities. Although sensitive parents, they never withhold discipline when it's called for. Their children regard them as fun-loving leaders and companions.


People born on this date often battle weight problems because they have a fondness for rich foods and sweets. They benefit from long walks, and they may surprise themselves by craving a more disciplined approach to fitness.

Career and Finances

Smart, sassy, even a little sarcastic, these men and women know how to put their personality on display. Multi-talented, they have a tendency to switch careers. Because they place relatively little importance on their earning power, these men and women often spend carelessly.


Dreams and Goals

October 21 people like to do things their own way and would rather fail at something than give up control of their destiny. Despite a fierce devotion to career, they try hard to make their relationships the most important aspect of their lives.

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