October 19 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

The intensity that characterizes Libras born on October 19 marks them as unlike any other Libra. These broad-minded individuals find fulfillment through both the worldly and the spiritual sides of their nature. They have strong yet flexible opinions. They are curious about life, have a fierce love for learning, and are able to transcend their limitations.


Friends and Lovers

Although they have no trouble making friends, October 19 individuals often find themselves in controversial situations. Being sensitive to others' views can help mend misunderstandings. Having a typical Libra idealism concerning romance, they also have a practical side that lets them be objective when choosing a partner.

Children and Family

October 19 natives are often the center of attention within their family. Their sunny personality makes them lovable. They take their role as parent seriously and never allow their feelings to get in the way of good judgment. They may favor strict discipline, yet they instinctively know when a little indulgence is called for.


October 19 men and women are likely to be casual about their habits. As middle age approaches, they need to take better care of themselves. Individuals born on this date enjoy pursuing an active lifestyle. They also respect the part that spiritual renewal plays in their daily lives.

Career and Finances

October 19 people need to feel they are making a contribution to the world through their work. This may lead them to caring professions: therapists, marriage and family counselors, the clergy. Money matters are in good hands with October 19 people, who combine sensible business practices with the boldness to take risks.


Dreams and Goals

People born on this date are concerned with reaching their full potential. They are constantly making and meeting goals that will bring them closer to this reality. Though extremely focused, they can withstand setbacks and disappointments. They realize that life's greatest lessons come as a result of these negative situations.

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