October 18 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born on October 18 are dynamic, spirited, and energetic. They refuse to sugarcoat their opinions to please others. They are ambitious, even a little aggressive, but they wear it well. October 18 people are not afraid to display their confidence. They are self-starters who believe in taking control of their lives.


Friends and Lovers

October 18 men and women are particular about choosing friends. They may surround themselves with unlikely types whose low-key personalities are different from their own. They aren't likely to be carried away by the frivolous aspects of love. They are very sexual and need to be fulfilled by this part of the relationship.

Children and Family

The men and women born on this date may have a habit of rewriting their background. They have a tendency to grow up too early. October 18 individuals are concerned about making life less stressful for their children. With their tendency to go to extremes, they may be too protective.


People born on this date are highly motivated to keep themselves looking and feeling good. They enjoy pushing the envelope and may favor dangerous pastimes. They are more Spartan than most people of their sign.

Career and Finances

October 18 people don't like being in the background. Because they have great analytical intelligence, they do very well as engineers, architects, designers, city planners, teachers, and musicians. People born on this date are extremely budget-minded and have the patience to save for big-ticket items.


Dreams and Goals

It is in the nature of October 18 individuals to attempt a reconciliation between the practical and the aesthetic sides of their personality. This can be a challenge, so they are accustomed to letting others see only their "sensible" side. They are organized and detail-oriented.

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