October 17 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Complex and complicated, Libras born on October 17 understand the need to suffer in order to obtain wisdom. These creative people seek expression through artistic means, though their head and heart may often be in conflict. They must follow a circuitous route to their destiny, forced to learn important life-lessons along the way.


Friends and Lovers

October 17 natives are many things to many people. While they are likely to surround themselves with a variety of friends, it is likely that no one knows all aspects of their personality. They are equally inaccessible to their lovers and mates. They have great emotional resilience.

Children and Family

As with many Libra natives, the upbringing of October 17 individuals is unlikely to live up to their idea of perfection. When they have children, they are likely to experience a great sense of vulnerability regarding their new responsibilities. They are exceptionally loving people and may be unable to draw the line between affection and authority.


October 17 people understand that the only way to achieve balance is to continually move back and forth between two points of opposition. For this reason, October 17 individuals are likely to try many different diets and health regimens -- some of them unusual and even bizarre -- before they settle upon one that works for them.

Career and Finances

October 17 individuals have a creative spirit that usually dictates the direction their career takes. They have an artistic temperament. They have a decisive nature that makes them good managers and supervisors. People born on this date are very careful about the way they handle money.


Dreams and Goals

October 17 individuals have few illusions about life. They are savvy enough to realize that no matter how hard they work they may not receive the acclaim or status they want. That rarely deters them. People born on this date are more concerned with their own efforts than the results. They realize that success is an arbitrary term.

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