October 12 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

There are few individuals who possess the sort of generous spirit that Libras born October 12 display. October 12 natives love people. They enjoy spending money on those they care for and sometimes strive for a lifestyle beyond their means. They are high-spirited and fun-loving, always looking for ways to have a good time.


Friends and Lovers

October 12 individuals have a full social calendar, which allows them to meet people from many walks of life. They have a coquettish attitude in love matters. Only someone special will convince them to settle down. Even after marriage, they likely have a roving eye.

Children and Family

October 12 people often come from a large family. They may be thought of as special; this sense of being adored stays with them throughout life. These men and women are indulgent of their children, perhaps unwisely. Eventually, when discipline becomes a problem, they will learn that it is better to be strict than sorry.


There is no question that October 12 individuals love good food, but they disdain regular exercise. If they play a favorite sport, this isn't a problem. But if they are unwilling to work off extra calories, they're likely to have weight problems in middle age.

Career and Finances

October 12 individuals are in love with beauty. They also crave a harmonious atmosphere and function best with a minimum of noise and emotional friction. They need to make a good salary to maintain their lifestyle. If they do not, they may be tempted to spend heavily on credit.


Dreams and Goals

People born on this date may wish to get to the very top of their profession or at least receive the sort of notice they believe they deserve. October 12 individuals have a cosmopolitan soul, which draws them to exotic cultures. Learning to look at the world through other peoples' eyes is a cherished experience.

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