October 11 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Libras born October 11 have the ability to put others at ease. They have a sweet and sensitive nature, which in no way implies a lack of strength. They possess considerable grit and determination and are often drawn toward adventure despite being somewhat afraid of what it will bring.


Friends and Lovers

Friends accord October 11 people some of the greatest joys in life. October 11 people are vulnerable to the emotional ups and downs of love. Relationships mean everything to these people, and when they maintain a good one, they blossom spiritually.

Children and Family

People born on this date may have experienced significant restrictions in childhood. Because it's difficult for these people to break with the past, they may benefit from therapy once they reach adulthood. Parenthood lets them work through childhood issues.


October 11 people need to break with tradition and start a health regimen that is present- and future-oriented. This way, these occasionally timid people can remake themselves in their own image. Because they have a great deal of emotional strength, they benefit from prayer and meditation.

Career and Finances

October 11 natives love beauty in all its forms but have a special talent for words. Because they go about their work in an unassuming way, it's amazing to see how they are transformed by the exercise of their talents. They are addicted to a luxurious lifestyle, which creates problems if they do not maintain good credit.


Dreams and Goals

October 11 people need to express themselves through artistic means, usually in words. They like the goodies that money can bring, but they also realize that they need to find spiritual satisfaction, which is most likely to come to them via relationships.

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