November 5 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

November 5 people love things that can be proven by science. These Scorpios are natural researchers and students. They look for answers and cultivate knowledge to better understand themselves. Their clever sense of humor has a cutting edge, but they never deliberately hurt another person. November 5 people can be the life of the party.


Friends and Lovers

Although most Scorpios have a small, close-knit group of friends, November 5 natives need a lot of companions. They usually enjoy a stable but exciting love life. They often marry early, sometimes to their high school or college sweetheart. They are devoted to the idea of fidelity in marriage.

Children and Family

If there were serious problems in the family during their growing-up years, November 5 people realize they can get beyond the emotional scars. As parents, they are encouraging and helpful. While they don't push their children, they do understand their part in helping their youngsters feel good about themselves.


People born on this date take good physical care of themselves. They eat well but moderately and are always looking for ways to maximize their workout schedule. Pacing is the key. November 5 natives generally prefer simple fare: meat, potatoes, and unadorned vegetables.

Career and Finances

November 5 people are doers and thinkers. They are likely to go with their instincts instead of analyzing everything before coming to a conclusion. They usually seek careers that require, at minimum, an undergraduate degree. They usually manage their finances, and they are generally the ones who set the budget rules.


Dreams and Goals

November 5 people don't do anything halfway or recklessly. They understand their academic potential, so that's usually where they put their faith. They are not career-driven, but they believe in living up to their potential. Where their personal life is concerned, they want the usual things: love, partnership, and children.

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