November 25 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Sagittarius born on November 25 has the soul of a visionary. Dreamers more than doers, they are sensitive to the hurts and happiness of others and are governed more by emotion than reason. They seem to be loners but are in a search to connect with others. Spirituality plays an important role, affecting all major decisions.


Friends and Lovers

November 25 natives have more followers than friends, because their spiritual aura is strong and leads others to depend on them. They are often destined for disappointment in love. They may project their romantic notion upon the relationship only to discover that their partner cannot understand their spiritual needs.

Children and Family

These men and women often find themselves bound up with the lives of siblings and parents. There is also a feeling of being spiritually bound to their children, which makes it difficult for them to cut those apron strings.


November 25 natives believe that in order to be physically healthy they must align their mind-spirit energies. This may be accomplished through any number of practices, especially by meditation. They often seek to cleanse their bodies through fasting.

Career and Finances

People born on this date have a desire to share their ideas. They often gravitate to careers that allow them the opportunity to act as a teacher or counselor. They have a rare gift for making and handling money -- perhaps because the dollar is of little interest to them. People born on this date are incredibly generous.


Dreams and Goals

November 25 people feel the need to spiritualize every aspect of life. They manage to attract good things because of this (though this is not their intent). They seek empowerment through their relationships and are able to believe more in their abilities if someone they care for is there to cheer them on.

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